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Switzerland is a land of contrasts. Cities like Lucerne combine modern architecture with a medieval downtown and a 2500 m high mountain is just around the corner. Nevertheless, one may say that those who are looking for music, arts, important historical monuments, museums or shopping will generally find points of interest in major cities while those who want to get more than a glimpse of the alpine scenery are much better served in the alpine resorts. Quality of service and access to modern communication is equally high in both places.
Destinations To Visit in Switzerland
Visit Places on Interest during the tour:   (not all Places can be covered choose the best)

Zurich Attractions
A top destination for shopping, Zurich and its famous Bahnhofstrasse are sure to please the most discerning consumer. It is also a cultural center with museums and galleries.
• Swiss National Museum
• Old Town
• Winterthur
• West of the Limmat

Geneva Attractions
Located on the southwest shore of Lake Geneva, the picturesque city of Geneva is surrounded by the Swiss Alps. It is a major financial center and European cultural hub.
• Mont Salève
• Palais des Nations
• Temple de Saint-Pierre
• Around the Cathedral
• Around the Palais des Nations

Basel Attractions
Situated on a turn in the Rhine River, Basel has long been a favorite tourist destination for its old town. On the left bank, Gross-Basel is the city's cultural center.
• Basel Minster
• Museum of Art
• Historical Museum
• Zoo
• Town Hall

Lausanne Attractions
Across the lake from Geneva is the pretty city of Lausanne on the terraced hills overlooking Lake Geneva. The well preserved Old Town houses a magnificent cathedral.
• Old Town
• Town Center
• Vidy
• Pully
• Moudon

Lucerne Attractions
Lucerne is located on the pretty lake of the same name and features a wonderfully preserved medieval city center. The annual International Music Festival is a city highlight.
• Ascent of Mt Pilatus
• Swiss Transport Museum
• Old Town
• Chapel Bridge
• Lion Monument

Bern Attractions
Berne the national capital city of Switzerland is a city noted for its beautiful scenery, bridges, and cultural events. Explore the old town and St Vincent Minster.
• Interlaken
• Nydegg bridge to Bubenbergplatz
• Museum of Art
• Little Redoubt
• Historical Museum




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