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New Zealand offers a huge variety of things to do / tourist attractions to experience. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing boat cruise on beautiful Lake Wakatipu near Queenstown or climb New Zealand's tallest mountain Mt Cook (or something in between), you can find it here.

Destinations To Visit in New Zealand
Visit Places on Interest during the tour:   (not all Places can be covered choose the best)

Auckland -

Besides beautiful and the biggest city of New Zealand, Auckland also has lots of things to do such as nice restaurants, shops, and plenty of tours, both in the radical as well as in the contemplative arena. Auckland is very multicultural, tranquil and easy in terms of locomotion. Anyway, Auckland does not reflect how the rest of New Zealand is, and we believe it is a must to go somewhere else.

Bay of Plenty -

Not very far from Auckland uniting many small towns as well as medium size ones such as Tauranga and Mount Maunganui. The whole area is beautiful, with some of the best beaches in New Zealand and also lots of farms, specially Kiwi Fruit. Spend one day visiting the live White Island Volcano in the town of Whakatane we consider a must.
Rotorua - The City of Rotorua is great for those who want to have a close contact with the Maori culture as well as the see the fantastic thermal areas of New Zealand. The lake right in front of the city is very peaceful and beautiful and the city offers an enormous number of activities and tours for all kind of tourists. It is only about 2 hours from Auckland, but more than one day there is recommended due too many fantastic things to see and do.

Just about one hour south of Rotorua, much smaller in size but with a beauty that impress. The lake of the same name is breathtaking and there are plenty of activities to do, including thermal volcanic areas and some radical sports and tours. One a clear day the view to the Alps is fantastic and the lake is full or trouts. Spend a day in the Tongariro National Park or at the sky fields we consider a must.


The second biggest city and capital of New Zealand is as good as Auckland if not better. There are plenty of thing to do and see in this compact city. Restaurants are top level and the bay where Wellington is located is gorgeous. We thing two days in Wellington is the minimum to really enjoy this magnificent city.

Queenstown - Is one of the best known cities of the South Island and probably one of the most beautiful in New Zealand (and also in the world). There are so many things to do that one will need more than a month to cover all different options offered. It has all types of tours, from the mellow and soft to the most radical tours and sports on Earth. The beauty of the surrounding area with the mountains in the background are simply breathtaking. Queenstown in our opinion is the capital of the fun times in New Zealand.

Christchurch - It is the biggest city in the south Island and also a very interesting town to visit. The cathedral in the main square is a must to visit as wells as the botanic gardens. The area called Canterbury just behind the city and the plains that extend until the alps are fascinating and deserve a day to visit it. Note: The Christchurch Cathedral was almost completely destroyed in the earthquake that hit the city in September 2010 and February 2011.

Te Anau and Milford Sound - One of the most beautiful places in the world if the weather is clear. The fiords are breathtaking and a boat trip is a must. 

Wanaka and Mt. Cook - These are small towns near the Alps and both are breathtaking in terms of scenery and activities. There are lakes and Mountain side by side and plenty of phenomenal walks and tracks to spend a fantastic day out. Just wish for a clear and sunny day and you'll understand what I mean.

The Glaciers - (Franz Joseph e Fox Glacier) are spectacular. Take the train from Christchurch to Greymounth and reach the glaciers by car or bus. You can follow the track up and a flight by helicopter or plane above the Glaciers is a must.



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