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Endowed with incredible natural beauty, Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful states in Northeast India. Meghalaya has great tourism potential, which is still untapped and unexplored. Meghalaya is a region of great scenic beauty; a panorama of lush, undulating hills, fertile valleys, 250 species of orchids, meandering rivers, waterfalls, sparkling mountain streams and lakes. The Meghalaya attractions include mainly the innumerable tourist places that form the backbone of Meghalaya tourism. Meghalaya tourism is also emphasizing on adventure tourism that includes trekking, caving and water sports.

Destinations To Visit In Meghalaya
Visit Places on Interest during the tour: 

Shillong :

The Capital of Meghalaya, is a hill resort with incomparable climate. Often likened to Scotland, but isn’t really bagpipes echoing among the rolling hills, heather-covered slopes. The atmosphere is intensely musical all around with wind whistling through scented pines, babbling of torrential streams, cascading milky whit falls, the gently lapping waves at Umiam water resort frequented mostly by Anglers and Tourists, wild orchids that sent sweet fragrance to the air, lovely silver cloud hanging in the sky welcomes fellow Indian visitors and abroad as well. Shillong has a magical charm that makes tourists to revisit. Shillong often call the Land of Sevenhut is a land of honey and bee.

Shillong Peak

10 km from Shillong, this legendary highest peak believed to be the abode of gods, offers a magnificent view of the spreading township below. Ka Nguh’Lei Shillong, an indigenous rite is performed at the summit of this peak by the Mylliem Syiemship. Goat sacrificial is offer to propitiate the gods for the blessed seasonal rainfall, good health and good fortune. This majestic Peak proved to be a Bollywood attraction where some hindi films outdoor location was shot, lik Lalkar, Do Dil, etc, etc.


Located at Shillong Peak was constructed by the Assam Rifle troops for the purpose of promoting friendly gestures towards the civilians. This view point Gazebo was inaugurated by the Director General Assam Rifles Lt. Gen H.S. Konwar on 26th April, 2004, dedicated to the visiting tourist and Shillongites, with cherished hopes of serving utility to visitors. The keys of the Gazebo was handed over by DGAR Lt. Gen H.S. Konwar to Paiem Latho Manik Syiem, Acting Syiem of Hima Mylliem after inauguration.

Shillong View Point

9 km (approx) from Shillong town located at Lum Majneh, Laitkor offers a breathtaking view of the town, especially in the evening when the light glows like twinkling jewels amidst darkness.

Ward Lake

2 minute walks from Police Bazar Tourist stand. A beautiful little placid lake, with a striking arched bridge, well landscaped and set in a botanical garden. This lake has beautiful flowers beds and offer boating facility. Many Bollywood films has been shot here. The exquisite historical man made lake got another bonus when a musical fountain was installed by the Assam Rifles who wanted to dedicate this as a sign of goodwill and friendship towards the peace loving people of the State. Assam Rifles Director General, Lt. H.S. Konwar handed over the Melody fountain to the C.M. of the State as a gesture of friendliness and cooperation in building great understanding between the paramilitary force and the civilians. The installation of this new fountain will help to enhance and attract more visitors is worth visiting.

Elephant Falls

10 km from Shillong, on Shillong-Cherra Road. Locally known as “Umdiengpun” ia an exquisite cascading milky white falls, a mount stream decsent through two successive falls, set in dells of fern-covered rocks. A well paved footpath and wooden bridges lead visitors across the whole woodland scene. It is the most popular picnic and hiking spot, which attracted visitors throughout the year.

Crinoline Falls and Swimming Pool

Located within the heart of the town, near Lady Hydari Park, a swimming pool backed by tree-covered slopes through which a waterfall shimmers like a strip of silver tinsel. Around the paving of the pool, orchids bloom bonsai thrive in little pots and there is a rockpool with reeds and water lilies, well worth a visit. It has now become very popular due to utilization by many swimmers. The fall was locally known as Kshaid Wahrisaw. A swimming pool was constructed by the British Army here and is still intact till today.

Spread Eagle Falls

Located on the outskirts of the city, offers an ideal picnic spot. According to folklore this fall is known as Nohkaliar, where the maiden named liar, slipped on the steeply cliff and fell headlong on to this fall. Hence, they named this fall after the maiden. From far this gives a picture of an eagle with spread wings, thus it was known as the Spread Eagle Falls.


10 km (approx) from the heart of town it is a picturesque village located at the food of Shillong Peak, situated on Shillong-Jowai Road, branching off to Pomlakrai road upwards, here lies a beautiful stone shaping like a sleeping man which is worth a visit. Dance is also held here in connection with Ka Nguh’Leh Shillong.

Golf Course

Known as golfers’ paradise. Shillong’s 18 hole Golf Course is not only amount the most picturesque spots in the town, it is rated as one of the best in Asia. It has become popular with evening strollers and children playing football and cricket. Picturesque with green downs and clumps of conifers and a club building which has probably been designed to resemble an English manor. Golf Course is the pride of the State. Recently the Gazebo was constructed under Hole no. 10 where golfers can have their breakfast and rest for a while. This Gazebo was constructed by Assam Rifles who also help in maintaining 11 greens while 7 greens were maintained by the BSF with the assistance of Shillong Golf Club. Located within the heart of town it takes hardly half an hour walk to reach. It is an idyllic picnic spot.

Bishop and Beadon Falls

Located within the heart of the City, both plunged down the same escarpment into a dark wooded valley best seen on a rainy day when the mist is rising and the whole setting looks as if it had been painted to illustrate a fantasy epic full of heroes, hobgoblins and beautiful princesses Imprisoned in dark mountains. Ancient folklore has it that one of these falls is known as ka Sunapani, when a maiden name Suna committed suicide on this falls. Hydel project is generated from this fall.

Lady Hydari Park and Mini Zoo

The colourful lively Park set in Japanese manner, the part consists of three sections Part and Garden area, Animal Land and Forest Museum.
The park is located at a distance of about 300 metres, south of the main Secretariat Building Shillong, behind the Civil Hospital and near Pine Mount School.
It has an area of about 3.5 hectares, earlier this park was known as Lady Reid Pleasure Park and created during 1937 when Sir Robert Neil Reid was the then Governor of Assam from 1937 to 1938.
On 4th May 1947, Sir Akbar Hydari took over as Governor of Assam till 28th December, 1948. It was in 1947 that the park was renamed as Lady Hydari Park after Sir Akbar Hydari’s wife.
During those pre-Independence and early Independence period the park served as an important place and was used for holding certain functions like i) keeping of Ghandhi’s ashes for darshan for the public in town. Ii) delivering of lectures by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Iii) Organising of the All India Cattle Show, iv) celebration of “Hills and Plains” week and v) regular flower show etc.
The Park was then falls under the control of the Deputy Commissioner, Khasi Hills till it was handed over to the Forest Department in 1973. Since the creation of Wildlife Wing in 1977, the part then falls under the control of the Khasi Hills Wildlife Division, Shillong.
Park and Garden consists of a children’s park, lawns and flower garden, containing variety of trees, flowering shrubs, seasonal flowers, orchids and indoor plants.
The animal land has a mini deer park an aviary, animal species of which some are rare and endangered are kept or housed in cages. Species found here are sambar, Barking deer, Spotted Deer, Rhesus Macaque, Himalayan Black Bear, Indian Porcupine, Binturong, Slow Loris, Black Panther, Clouded Leopard, Civet Cat, Leopard Cat and Indian Hare. An aviary of Brahmini duck, Chinese Geese, White eyed pochard, Purple Moorhen, Common Teal, Kaleej Pheasandt, Pea Fowl, Guinea Fowl, Laughing Thrush, Black bird, Blue Magpie, Pintail duck, Lesser pied Hornbill, Whistling Teal, Parrot, etc.
Forest Museum houses stuffed specimens of spotted deer, Binturong, Monitor Lizard, Clouded Leopard, Peacock, Pheasant, Stag Beetle, Animal Skins, skulls, horns and antlers, Photographs of wildlife species etc. The museum acts as an interpretation centre to create awareness on forest and wildlife conservation.
Beside these there are four artificial ponds for the waterbirds like pelicans common duck, sarus crane, Bar headed Goose, Demoiselle Crane, Night Heron etc.
On the whole everything around this lovely park is enchanting. The park also provide leisure strolls as well as swings, sea saw and slides for children. It can also lull a sense of romance for the cupid stricken couples. The park is close only on Monday for clearing otherwise it remains open throughout the week and its is worth visiting.

Sweet Falls

8 km from Shillong, near Happy Vally on Shillong-Jowai Road. Lies this exquisite falls, which fall vertically over two hundred feet forming a side deep pool, offers an ideal spot for picnickers and nature lovers. Locally known as Kshaid Weitdem, of late this fall and its wide deep pool had claimed the lives of some of the picnickers. This attractive fall is worth a visit.

Law Kyntang

A sacred grove located at Mawphlang East Khasi Hills District about 25 km from Shillong still remained Sacred till today. Inside the grove, the ground are thick with a cushion of humus accumulated over centuries. It is a well known sacred grove from olden days, treasured proudly till today, its worth visiting.

Mattilang Park

Located at Laitmynsaw, Upper Shillong situated on the hillock overlooking that Elephant Falls, is clean and well maintained by the Mattilang Multipurpose Development and Welfare Organisation. The park was inaugurated by Shri Tony Curtis Lyngdoh, Hon’ble Tourism Minister on April, 2003.


53 km (approx) from Shillong, is famous for its world heaviest rainfall, its is set amid deep gorges and roaring waterfall. Close by are network of limestone caves. It was here that the Britishers made their outpost. It has the oldest Presbyterian Church in the North East at Nongsawlia, missionaries preached Christianity, and Khasi literature was born, The huge complex of the Ramkrishna Mission’s Monastry and School spread the message of Vedanta amongst the Khasis which went spreading up to Jaintia Hills. Cherrapunjee is also famous for its own orange orchards and honey. Enroute from Shillong to Cherrapunjee via Upper Shillong, Mylliem, Umtyngar, Dympep, Sohrarim and Laitryngew



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