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Maldives, or also called the Maldive Islands, is an island in the Indian Ocean that has 26 atolls. The island offers deep blue seas with great reefs, white sandy beaches, and diverse vegetation. It is basically a paradise, where people can spend long days to just unwind and relax. It is a great spot for diving, snorkeling or just exploring the waters with thousands of different fish swimming around the corals. These shores are always open to anyone, as it provides a tranquil haven for visitors. Here is a rundown of the best attractions and places to visit in the Maldives

Destinations To Visit in Maldives
Visit Places on Interest during the tour:   (not all Places can be covered choose the best)
Addu Atoll

Beautiful Addu Atoll, the most southerly of the Maldives island groups, is definitely worth visiting for divers. Here, the coral escaped the bleaching of El Niño and is the best in the country, while a modern road linking Gan's Equator Village resort to the Maldives' second city of Hithadhoo is a great place for a bike ride.

Boat cruise

A sunset boat cruise aboard a dhoni, the wooden boat that is the Maldives' standard mode of transport, is a blissful way to end the day. You'll cruise around uninhabited islands, where you'll be served drinks and snacks while local musicians play their traditional bodu beru drums to attract dolphins.

Diving and snorkelling

To appreciate the exceptionally varied and plentiful underwater life then go diving or snorkelling; some of the best sites in the world are found in the Maldives. All of the resorts have professional, fully-equipped dive schools offering a range of activities.

Fishing trip

A fishing trip on a modern speedboat equipped for big game fishing is a great experience for any fisherman. Go at night to catch groupers, snappers, squirrelfish or barracuda. Round off the trip with a barbecue with the day's catch.


From Malé take a ferry trip to the nearby man-made island of Hulhumalé, a utopian town that looks set to become the new hub of the country in decades to come as sea levels rise - Hulhumalé is 2m above sea level, which is mountainous by local standards.

Local crafts

Many resorts offer day trips to inhabited islands where you can usually visit local artisans in their workshops and buy some of the beautiful local arts and crafts. Malé, the capital, also has several markets of fresh and wholesome food produce for those wanting to sample local fare.

Maldives Victory Wreck

For an unforgettable underwater experience, dive to the Maldives Victory Wreck (which sank in 1981), lying on the western side of Hulhule. This is a dive for experienced divers.


The tiny, crowded capital city of the Maldives is a fantastic place to visit for a day as it gives you the chance to see real life away from your resort, meet Maldivians on an equal footing, and take in a slice of south Asian island life.

Malé's mosques

On a visit to the capital, don’t miss the beautiful 17th-century coral stone Hukuru (Friday Mosque) in Malé. The nearby Grand Friday Mosque, topped with an enormous golden dome, is also possible to visit outside of prayer times.

Malé's National Museum

The interesting collection of artefacts, including the Sultan's thrones and palanquins, in Malé's National Museum, is well worth a visit. It's located in the city's main green space, Sultan's Park.

Malé’s Fish Market

The whole of Malé is a hive of economic activity – everybody seems to be buying or selling something, but this is nowhere more the case than at the busy fish market on the waterfront, where produce fresh from the sea is gutted right before your eyes.

Marine biology

Your resort's marine biology lab - many of the better resorts now have a dedicated team of scientists taking care of the local marine life - usually have volunteer programs that allow guests to get involved. Guests can often help with laying coral reefs and looking after juvenile sharks, turtles and rare fish in captivity.

Photo flight

For a brand new perspective on the Maldives, opt for some aerial sightseeing and take a photo flight for an astonishing glimpse of the islands and a blue panorama.

Shark Thila

One dive that shouldn't be missed is at Mushimasmingili Thila (Shark Thila), where you'll see grey reef sharks, giant snappers and tropical reef fish in this pristine northern section of Ari Atoll.

Spa treatments

For an enormous range of treatments, massages, therapies and other pampering, make an appointment at your resort's spa - now a feature at almost every resort. For a real treat book a double massage for you and your partner.

Uninhabited islands

A day and a night spent alone on an uninhabited island is quite the experience. You can usually do so as part of an island-hopping tour. Another option is to visit a fishing village with a trip to an uninhabited island (where often a beach barbecue is served).


If Malé's crowded streets are getting you down, then take the ferry to Villigili, the relaxed next door island where you can join locals at the beach, watch cricket matches in the park and picnic under the palm trees.

Whale Submarine

Non-divers will love this alternative way to get underwater and see the busy life on a coral reef a short a short distance away from Malé. The submarine is pressurised, so you can also do this before flying.

Windsurfing at Lhohifushi and Dhonveli

For a taste of some of the Maldives more challenging activities, try windsurfing at Lhohifushi and Dhonveli in North Malé Atoll, two relatively reasonably priced island resorts where the country's most famous breaks can be found. The season for surf is from March-October.




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