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If I was to rank the best tourist attractions in France to visit, outside of Paris of course, then this would be my top twenty. I am not saying that this is a complete list of the best tourist attractions in France to visit but I have lived in France for over 6 years and before that I have toured around France quite a bit, both on holiday and with work. Some places I have not visited yet, for example, Strasbourg, Lille (only the Eurostar train station), Bordeaux (yes, I know it is shameful that I haven't been there) and Grenoble; and other places are affected by my experiences there (getting my iPhone stolen in Orleans for instance). But looking through it, I think that this is a pretty good list of the best French attractions to visit if you are in France on holiday.

Destinations To Visit in France
Visit Places on Interest during the tour:   (not all Places can be covered choose the best)

Paris Attractions
Paris is a city with its own unique culture and appeal. Soak up the atmosphere at a street side café, shop along the Champs-Élysées, or see the city from the Eiffel Tower.
• Louvre
• Versailles
• Montmartre
• La Villette
• Cluny Museum
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Nice Attractions
The city of Nice is one of the most popular destinations along the French Riviera, attracting both French and foreign visitors. Beaches and culture combine for a perfect mix.
• Cours Saleya Market
• Vence
• Cagnes-sur-Mer
• Beaulieu-sur-Mer
• Colline du Château

Bordeaux Attractions
Wander along the pedestrian zone, past beautiful architecture and quaint shops. Bordeaux is one of Frances often overlooked gems, with too many attractions to count.
• Marche de Noël
• Le Grand Théâtre
• Pont de Pierre
• Croiseur Colbert
• Rue Ste-Catherine

Cannes Attractions
Located along the French Riviera, Cannes has long been a summer destination for the rich and famous. From the beaches to the Cannes Film Festival, the city attracts all kinds.
• Antibes
• Grasse
• International Film Festival

Lyons Attractions
The historic city of Lyons features incredible architecture from a variety of periods. Treat yourself to a stroll through the city at night when the buildings are lit up.
• Vienne
• Montelimar
• Old Town
• Esplanade de Fourvière
• Ile Barbe

Marseilles Attractions
Located along the Mediterranean, the port city of Marseilles is a cultural melting pot. Sand colored buildings with restaurants surround the harbour filled with sailboats.
• Hyeres
• Toulon
• Old Town
• Aix-en-Provence
• Salon-de-Provence

Strasbourg Attractions
One of the most prominent cities in Alsace, Strasbourg also has an international face, home to important European institutions. Bicycle by canals and wonderful architecture.
• Cathedral of Notre-Dame
• Tanner's Quarter
• Events
• Citadel
• Place Kléber




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